Colour: Blue-White D.o.b.: May 24, 2018


GC Pinkpawpal Arnold of Chicarabian - PER Brown Tabby-White

GC, DW Toy Tricksy Ai Ai of Pinkpawpal, DM - PER Red-White
GC Catillak's Yo Vinnie of Toy Tricksy, DM - PER Black-White Van
GC, NW Catillak's Repete Performance KOY - PER Red-White Van
GC, RW Catillak's That Girl of Jubileum, DM - PER Dilute Calico
GC, RW Rhamjoge Righteous of Toy Tricksy - PER Red-White Van
GC, BW, NW Rhamjoge Grand Finale - PER Red-White Harlequin
GC, RW  Rhamjoge Unforgettable, DM - PER Cream-White Harlequin
GC, GP, DW Byhishands Aquamarina of Pinkpawpal, DM - PER Blue Tabby-White
CH Sandy-B Bojangles of Byhishands - PER Blue-White
CH Sandy-B Mr Gizmo of Esta Valley - PER Blue-White
Perhaven Mi-Mi of Sandy-B - PER Calico
GC Byhishands Simply Paris of Jovan - PER Blue Patched Tabby-White
CH Oililly Brown Nosin of Byhishands - PER Blue Tabby-White
CH Byhishands Absolutely - PER Red-White

CH Immenso Jasmine of Chicarabian- PER c.e. White

CH Miro' Frozen Fantasy of Immenso - PER Red c.e. White
Double Take Embargo of Miro' - PER Black
CH Tehy Razzle of Double Take - PER Black
Noblessa's Larissa, DM - PER Tortoiseshell
CH Sweet Bubble Insolence of Miro' - PER c.e.White
Miro' Brivido Artico - PER c.e.White
City Black Princess - PER Black
CH Miro' Polynesia of Immenso - PER Blue Cream
CH, IC Sunlightcats Goldeneye - PER Blue
CH Belamy's Chopard of Shiny Star, DM - PER Blue
Sunlightcats Living Doll of Bonne Sante' - PER Brown Patched Tabby-White
CH Miro' Cover Girl - PER Tortoiseshell
7 Fontane Applausi of Miro' - PER c.e. White
Miro' Promise-Of-Love - PER Tortoiseshell


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