Colour: Silver Classic Tabby-White D.o.b.: October 05, 2019


CH Ark Star Armani - PER Silver Tabby-White

CH PaJean's Trade In of Ark Star - PER Silver Tabby
GC, BW, NW PaJean's Trademark - PER Silver Mackerel Tabby
GC, NW Candirand's Lasting Impression, DM - PER Black
CH PaJean's Tassel - PER Silver Mackerel Tabby
PaJean's Tess - PER Dilute Calico
CH PaJean's Tunnel-Of-Love- PER Silver Mackerel Tabby
GC Whozz Button And Bows of Sur Mist - PER c.e. White
CH Ark Star Beauty - PER Silver Tabby-White Van
GC Thai-Yves Tux of Snookums - PER Black-White
GC, NW Catillak's Repete Performance KOY - PER Red-White
CH Couronne Curtsey of Thai-Yves - PER Calico
CH Ark Star Malvina - PER Blue Silver Tabby-White
GC Ghattas Mr. Brazil of Ark Star - PER Silver Mackerel Tabby-White
Ark Star Danka - PER Silver Patched Tabby-White

Ark Star Beyonce - PER Silver Patched Tabby-White

Angelana Mystical Blue of Ark Star - PER o.e. Silver Tabby-White Van
CH Purrinlot Baby Blu's 4U of Angelana - PER b.e. Shaded Cameo White Van
Purrinlot Eye Believe - PER b.e. Red Tabby-White Van
GC Purrinlot Athena's Present - PER o.e. Silver Patched Tabby-White Van
Angelana Who Gives A Fox - PER Calico
CH Posh Persian Purfect Storm of Sybil - PER Brown Tabby-White
CH Angelana All This And Heaven Too! - PER Red Tabby-White
Milord Lolipop of Pikijonas - PER Blue Patched Tabby-White Van
GC Day Oh Wish Upon aStar of Elegian, DM - PER Black-White Van
Day Oh True Reflection - PER Brown Mackerel Tabby-White
Day Oh Let Me Call You Sweet Heart - PER Brown Patched Tabby-White
Milord Donatella of Steamboat - PER Blue Patched Tabby-White
CH Ark Star Hot Chili Milk of Milord - PER Cameo Tabby-White
Commodore's Meryl Streep of Milord - PER Black-White Harlequin


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